• Mező Ádám

    God DAMN it was awesome, i’m glad i totally forgot about this series i could watch the last 5 or so episodes in a row,it was somewhat satisfying 😀

  • 《BlobFrisk》Whirlhead


  • 《BlobFrisk》Whirlhead


  • The Gotham Ninja

    No dub eps at all? *waits for the winers who say to only watch subs*

    • William van Helsing

      Funimation cant just dub everything at once,
      Or they are dubbing a lot, to upload it all at once?

      (i hope the second option)

    • Sharil Shahediyen

      The funimation dub started way late compared to the episodes. It was originally 4kids before they took over. So it’s a couple more years before this episode is dubbed.

      Also *fuck sub elitist weebs, both versions are good*

      • J Alex Vee-oh

        My only concern with dubs is that the voices often don’t fit the character very well. It’s not the act of dubbing that irritates me, it’s the people they choose to do it. Some of the Japanese voice actors have such an animated quality to their voice that it’s entertaining in itself to even watch them do studio read through.

      • Wireless Love

        your an ass to think so

    • Varun K Nair

      I understand how u feel. But really you won’t get the same feeling when watching the dubbed episodes. I’ve been watching only subbed episodes for the past 1 year, and I love it. If its fine with you give it a try.

  • El Rey


  • voleti venkatesh

    Where’s today’s episode 😠😠😠

  • Sadl1lBear

    v “winers” What are you? 1. You can’t spell 2. You’re being a fucking hypocrite 3. You look fucking stupid.

    • Shadowdragon409

      maybe if you actually replied to the comment you are referring to, he would see how much of a dick you are

    • nudeOP


  • Sadl1lBear

    America fix this, by remaking One PIece and making all the fucking episodes English I can’t fucking see this in Japanese usually I do watch animes in Japanese but for certain animes it doesn’t seem right because the voices the match the character

  • Man No Hot

    I’m starting new project here, with all online one piece episodes mansnohot .com

  • Kalyan

    What happened about Dec 31 latest episode

  • guillermo

    one piece has 821 episodes and counting but here there are less than 100 and half of them don’t even work