One Piece Episode 744 Subbed

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One Piece Episode 744 : “No Way Out! Admiral Fujitora’s Ruthless Pursuit!”


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  • Ash Uzumaki

    All Might: “I am…coming through the door like a normal person!” Well he tries! XD

    • Straw Hat

      That was just too funny lol

  • Ryaku Hitachi

    Anyone know how many episodes there are for season 1? Seems like an anime that would go on for 100+ easily.

    • tropicowl

      There is 13 episodes in the first season

      • Ryaku Hitachi

        That sucks. I’m hoping it doesn’t end up like DanMachi and not have a second season. This story has lots of potential.

  • Daniel Petrigala

    It hasn’t gotten weak it just hasn’t got anywhere. The trunks arc should make you reconsider. I don’t think a single eyemy proved a threat to the z fighters. Maybe Freeza where he blew up the planet but still that’s about it.

  • kogee snypa


    PLEASE AKIRA , DONT disappoint US

    • not going 2 happen he always disappoints

    • Mutex Fate

      Dude Gohan has long retired bro. He is also not gonna be involved in this arc.

      • gohan

        No of us know that

    • Nail Cregsworth


    • gohan

      He might be the white hair super saiyan which I really hope it is

  • Lav Karri

    trunks vs frieza
    youtube – yamerusenpai

  • Who else wants to see Bardock in the martial arts tournament of the 12 Universes
    remember what omni king told about the tournament

    • gohan

      Bro that would be awesome!!! but the thing I really want to happen is gohan fight in the omniverse and I want him to redeem himself

  • This site so great

  • manikumar

    n waiting for next episode

  • gohan

    I really hope there’s another gohan who’s gonna fight in the omniverse if you guys don’t know what that is its the 12 universe tournament

  • kodali revanth

    I Suggest Gohan to take part this Black Goku league…..Gohan is too week in super…but he can surpass the power of both goku and vegeta even berus too……

  • tahir

    the time machine in episode 50 is the one that cell came in after defeating trunks

  • abdul kabir

    ha ha ha

  • abdul kabir


  • Paul Pondaag

    why i can not download the movie?

  • Jesse

    In Dragon Ball Super next episode in we,can see the fusion between Goku and Vegeta, Fight against Black Goku (Evil Goku) We can seen or not i think Goku and Vegeta gone be fusion and that’s gone be Amazing episode so please make that’s type of episode.

  • Jesse

    I’am Waiting for that’s time Goku and Vegeta fusion with each other and make the Super Saiyan Blue.

  • Jesse

    This is fusion time.

  • Jesse

    Dragon Ball Super – The one who defeats Black Goku, i can’t waiting for this episode

  • Jesse

    8-9 month gone start Dragon Ball Super but only 54 episode are released only on this time

  • Basel Striak

    Look at black left ear…that is mean black is a unit (goku +zumaso)=black.,…think about it

  • Punai Jaee

    Do you guys know why the episode’s are being release late. Cause it use to take 1 week to finish these episodes?

  • poori

    oh this is great no episode for this week so bad

  • unknow1

    I think it’s Turles

  • Vineil Karan

    everytime the episodes postpones……..every single episode postpones

  • Norris Kilgore

    you guys need to sort through some of these bogus ads that are viruses and malware and not allow them on your site

  • Jesse

    this reason to they can fight against Goku,Vegeta,Furtue Trucks, Other wise how they can possible Black Goku make Super Sayian Rose & Goku’s Shoocked .

  • Jesse

    I know who is Black Goku, Black Goku is a Zamasu.
    He enter the Goku’s Body and destruction in the Earth.
    So he more powerful then Goku & Vegeta.
    Other wise doesn’t fight against sayias

  • Jesse

    Any question ask me

  • Jesse

    I am not happy because Rio Olympic 2016 is bad for Indians.

  • Jesse

    Also DBS episode is delay i am so upset please release more & more episode in one weeks please

  • Yazan Ahmed

    This was not a good idea getting frnds with zeno .. i thought there will be a fight .

  • Norris Kilgore

    how long does it usually take for the eng subs to be released? sometimes same night?

  • Ryan Schlenker

    Does this have all the episodes

  • Christopher Salvador

    i love DB but the story line are big questionable…

  • Hà Thúy

    Có ai vào chat và xem phim 18+ cùng em k? website: Phim18.chichupy

  • SI Shakil


  • gggggg

    1 hour longer

  • Scorpion


  • Scorpion

    i cannot wait

  • gggggg

    ok 23 minutes more

  • Dylannn

    3 more minutes


    Wish I could turn into super Saiyan 9 and fuck you off

  • Jesse

    How much time i will waiting for end of black Goku.

  • Jesse

    Please release upcomig episodes .

  • Hoemayoen Nahory

    wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff cmooon fuck this shit sorry but the fucking timer was over for Ep59 and now 1 week later ruined my freakoing sunday aarghh

  • Artreju Van Nikkelen Kuyper

    can i not get smaller downloads? last 5 episodes were like 500mb each

  • Luisayswow

    I wanna see them bring back plant vegeta so then vegeta can claims his place as king and they can meet there dads and stuff

    • Bandanna_P

      He’d still only be a Prince,this would bring his father back also ! I’m more into wanting to see Kabba’s version of planet salad or w/e they call it.

  • Awesome SSBK Goku

    DB TIme is love, DB TIME IS LIFE

  • Deepak Riya

    Pls do translation episode with the own English voice of Goku,vegeta and other that’s will make the episode comfortable to us.. and subtitles also gud

  • Epicfartofdoom TheLordofthefar

    This a comment. Reply now and i assure you, you will get a lamborghini, yes i said it. A lambo. This is not a scam.

    • G5

      see I replyd

      • G5

        what now bro r u going to give me a lambo or not now u reply pls

    • G5

      bro r u their still if u r pls reply

  • G5

    I’m exited for the episode 60 and I’m waiting for it still in the middle of the night their is still roughly 4hrs left I’m so curious.

  • G5

    what a lambo u got to be kidding me………

  • Summer Yahiko Lhanghal

    I am waiting for episode 60

  • Simok Infinity

    I love this site

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    this site is asom

  • Alexandre Brochet L’Heureux

    The admin on the facebook page blocked me because I calmly told him that the episode 61 thumbnail image was spoiling super trunks and asked him if they could do something about it.

    Not opened to any feedback, he politely told me to fuck off and immediatly banned me.

    Dragon ball time needs to review their high tempered mods as they will lose many viewers because of this very bad experience

  • Samiur Roshid

    Do you know what would be really cool, NOT A NEW TRANSFORMATION WITH SUPER IN IT…
    all just saiyan is that it would be cool if there was a transformation called saiyain secret art or something on those lines. 😀

  • athik

    Waiting to see how vegeta explodes towards Rose I’m very excited to watch the next episode

  • Ccfsparrow

    I love this site so much

  • sunny1617

    i don’t like this site at all…

  • sunny1617

    hoy shit

  • sunny1617


  • sunny1617

    i’m drunk!!!

  • Nikola Zarevski

    Love your page, thanks for sharing! Greets from Croatia!

  • DurinRath

    Hi Folks!

  • Abhijeet prasar

    it is a nice website
    and i love it….
    whenever i start playing a video on my phn it gives too much adds
    do something about it

  • Hadi Messi

    Why is it take so much time for an episode ????

  • UchihaKoutachi


  • rokuo


  • Excite Eldo

    This Site Is So Lit!!!! And I Can t Wait For The Next Episode!!!! I can only imagine the look on Zamasu s Face When Goku And Vegeta Use Potara Earings haha 😀

  • Bob

    Who is waiting with me for Gogeta😂😂

  • Clarke Femi


  • Andrew Jones

    1.) Are Goku and Vegeta eventually going to have to lose their God Ki?

    2.) Will any Dragon Ball GT elements be borrowed for future Dragon Ball continuations?

  • Anil Chhetri

    when gohan come back to his action in dragon ball supper

  • Jayanth RG

    no episode today???

  • Taylor Wimpfhiemer

    guys i need to watch db super but it airs saturday and i don’t have the channel adult swim what should i do do you guys recommend anything i have always been a huge fan bu i won’t be able to see the super episodes

  • Taylor Wimpfhiemer

    this kills me i just need a website or something i can go to see the episode coming up who will win 1,000,000 zen


    I only corrected your mistake and my question implied that you didn’t pay much attention to the episode where they explain the equation of how you should know which universes are paired. To make you less ignorant I then explained to you the concept. That I had to correct you pretty much makes my implication a fact. That you lash out implies that you are an unstable person who cant stand being corrected and it angers you that you aren’t always correct. That you use name calling to try to get your point across implies that you aren’t very mature which also implies that you are a kid. And lastly I understood what you were saying even through all the misspelling and such. That I had to correct a part of what you were saying means I didn’t understand the rest? Maybe you had the rest correct so I only felt the need to correct that which was wrong? I guess you can tell me, you are the know-it-all.