One Piece Episode 751 Subbed

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  • TEM

    wtf why isnt it this week

  • One

    wait what?

  • John Agyiri


  • EUGH

    Cause they just made the Pure gold movie, so you have to be patient<3

  • bagus

    jancokkk, celehh, ra metu

  • bagus

    fuckkk, bich

  • bagus

    i’m sorry 😀 cos i don’t know if this video can play

  • Ckmicco

    Waited two weeks for a half filler episode. If u couldn’t tell, I’m salty as hell

    • Mitchell Farrell

      saltier than deli chips

      • Ckmicco

        Saltier than ruffles

  • Mitchell Farrell

    they make us wait a extra week for this crap, if i wanted to see the older episodes again i’d watch them!….

  • Kligh

    Oh my lord, 2 minutes and the rest is non-canon! ¡ ؟ ?

  • chrono

    I’d rather watch the originals. The drawing quality is so fucking shit, it’s comparable to Dragonball Super…