One Piece Episode 755 Subbed

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  • Xiaxinia

    he hates it when people don’t put respeck on his name!

    • FGNJeffsdomain

      okay so i’m just now watching this. i think it was stupid to kill him off unless buu somehow regenerates

      • John Andrew Guyer III

        buu isnt dead this is right after kid buu was destroyed by goku. buu is in DBGT he and uub becomes one on DBGT

  • Respek Vegeta

    Didn’t start watching it yet but obviously Vegeta is going to act like Vegeta and then get a whooping. That’s how it always starts. Lol.

  • Junior Minani

    sanji noooo why sanji

  • Arcade Skytroll

    Since when is Mew Two a part of DBZ