One Piece Episode 757 Subbed

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  • Cazval Asakura

    The amount of times Goku uses the same sound as he screams is cringeworthy!!!

  • zach in the back

    a thousand freakin ways to pull off the Kamehameha… but no just the same ol’ predictable stupid.

  • 5 Star Stunna belie dat

    I just hate the voice acting but other than that its a good anime

  • Jamie Legends

    Please Japanese voice actors are so fucking annoying

    The english versions are much better I hope that they will bring dubbed episodes for Super

  • mP

    I feel like this is only anime that I have ever seen, or even heard of, that sounds better in English. Every anime I watch, or have watched, (and thats quite a bit) is simply better in Japanese. But Dragon Ball always sounds better in English.

    • jose

      thats because you haven’t watched it in Spanish.

      • Camilo M Park

        Hhahaha! that’s so right!!!

  • Aditya Ramnath

    when is it coming

  • League Of Bronze

    Not yet wait another week

  • Deepankur Chopra


  • disqus_IGamVCXj8I

    When trashy fans don’t know good voice acting the only bad voice actor is King Kai’s one lol

    • Chris Soprano

      really no im watching this cause im a fan but there is no way in hell your telling me goku’s voice sounds good in jappanese stfu

  • Anonymous

    I choose you, spirit dragon.

  • oberdamujigae

    I’m kinda getting used of Goku’s voice acting but the voice the seiyuu does for Gohan is really out of character