One Piece Episode 780 Subbed

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One Piece Episode 780 : “Title”


  • meydiano ichiko olivia

    where is it

  • Logan Ramey

    doesn’t come out till next Saturday for some reason so i guess they skipped today

  • Pavan Kumar Ramadugu

    what?? is it true?

  • Ahmad Hasan

    What the shit!

    • kksilvery

      It’s not available on all anime websites.

  • Enda Suhendar

    What the hell.. 😰😰😰😫😫😫

  • Sayan Poddar

    where :'(

  • kksilvery

    Where is the latest episode?

  • Hemendra Jat

    This episode was supposed to be released on the 12th of March 2017. It was delayed to the 19th of March 2017 due to the Nagoya Women’s Marathon which was scheduled to be aired live from 9am(JST) on Fuji TV.

    • Melo Hime

      Thanks for the info

    • ultimatekiller




    • Joseph Gonzales

      who gives a fuck. they could of done that shit on a channel that doesnt matter

  • Rishab Jain

    F**k man this is not fair

  • cike


  • cike


  • LuffiAce

    They keep delaying the episodes and after waiting for two weeks the episode released won’t have much content in it. “6-7min mins of song and the intro about pirate king and what happened last episode”, 15mins of actual episode which might contain a flashback and 1min of next episode


      i thought i was the only one that got pissed about the uber long intro

      • Atomic

        Yea the the long intro really cuts into the cannon of the story which compared to the way earlier episodes, flashback to the start of one piece. the intro was like 2-3 minutes and the rest was cannon. It allowed for a whole lot more action and was really great to watch. but now its a lot slower and very little cannon btwn episodes just prolonging the events a lot more.

  • Snji


  • ThatRandomGuyThatNobodyLikes

    TOEI animation ruined this anime

  • Lela

    hi guys. how to download this episode? unable to download