One Piece Episode 808 Subbed

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  • conman parker

    4:14… That is Robin in Sanji’s flashback!!! Robin and Sanji go back farther than when the Strawhat pirates were created!!!

    • Mr.Zee

      Yeah Right Dumb Fuck

    • Junior Minani

      how retarded can you get

  • juniorsworld

    if Zoro was here… boy he’d be pissed!

    • Sydios

      He would end Germa 66 on his own

      • Sherwin Naidoo

        Spoiler: Ace returns

  • Kyle Lencucha

    I know I’m probably feeding into the hype but this episode and the last are some of the best looking I’ve seen in a while

  • Michel Murengezi

    2 weeks till the next one?? better be good

  • Andrew Mystx

    Oh god. I havent been crying so hard with OnePiece in a while.