• Rakshith Ambati


    • Tanim Rahman

      i know right, fuking get them subs ready already

  • Frank Castle

    Very late

  • Thau Fui

    every 2 mins there is an add coming wtf

  • FolksySpade

    I understand implementing a few advertisements into the video to create some revenue to keep the website up, but holy shit, NOT EVERY 3 MINUTES

    • FolksySpade

      Time to find a new hosting website

    • Manu Sharma

      not for me lol but then again i’m not such a noob who would surf the webz without an adblock…lol so i guess the noobs without deserve it ??

      • FolksySpade

        I have one lol, and trust me.. it didn’t help. The good news is, they must of taken down that specific form of advertising on the last episode.